Why limit ourselves to eating ice cream only during the summer, if we can do it all year? We present our special sandwich maker to heat and seal in a few seconds sandwiches or buns filled with ice cream, cream or jam keeping the internal filling cold, and warm the outside. Thanks to the shape of the crucible and the material used, we achieve in 30 seconds to complete the process, without giving time for the inside of the product to warm up, thus achieving the contrast of temperatures. In addition, the filling is completely sealed inside the sandwich, avoiding the dripping of the ice cream, and easing the consumption of it. Combine the contrast between cold and heat and enjoy a unique experience. Use any sweet brioche and combine it with your favorite ice cream flavor, but if you let us recommend you, use our Panettone brioche to get a unique and unparalleled flavor. The flavor of the brioche has no limits, since you can combine any ice cream with any topping, or even several! And why limit yourself to an ice cream flavor when you can put 2 flavors, so each bite will be special..

These are the simple steps to achieve this wonder. We cut the brioche in half. We fill it with our favorite ice cream, or we combine several flavors. Depending on how sweet or creative we are, we can add different toppings, syrups or jams. Once the filling is decided, we cover the brioche, and place it in the mold of the machine. We start the process and wait 30 seconds for the magic to take effect. Once finished, we remove the brioche completely sealed and warm, to serve or enjoy it.

Remember, imagination is your only limit.